Our Mission

Services for Brain Injury (SBI) has served individuals and families in the greater San Francisco Bay Area touched by all types of brain injuries since 1989. Our dedicated, licensed clinical staff and vocational professionals provide rehabilitation and therapeutic services to enable people with brain injuries, high-functioning autism, learning disabilities or other cognitive disorders, regain skills to maximize independence, and return-to-work, whenever possible.  SBI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation.

Mission Statement:  Services for Brain Injury delivers rehabilitation and vocational services for people with any type of brain injury, high-functioning autism, learning disability or other cognitive disorder; supports their caregivers, and provides community awareness.

Staff: SBI has a staff of licensed clinical and vocational professionals experienced in brain injury and other cognitive disorders as well as dedicated volunteers who assist under supervision with rehabilitation, services and administration.

Governance: SBI is governed by a 13 (capacity 21) member community Board of Directors. The board includes local business professionals, social service professionals, survivors of brain injuries and family members.

Finances: SBI’s operates on a modest budget and maintains administrative costs well below the non-profit standard of 25%. Sixty percent of its revenues come from the government fees and grants, special events, and individual donations. The remainder of its budget is derived from fees-for-service, other service providers, and community organizations. In keeping with its commitment to affordability, SBI fees are calculated on a sliding scale depending on ability to pay.