About SBI

Services for Brain Injury (SBI) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation based in Northern California’s Bay Area. SBI’s mission is to provide rehabilitation and vocational services to assist those with a traumatic brain injury to achieve their highest level of independence. Since 1989, we have been providing the most comprehensive yet cost-effective services for people with any kind of brain injury at any most-acute, medically-stable stage, or cognitive disorder, at diverse levels of independence and various stages of recovery.
SBI maintains meaningful relationships with local businesses and events in order to spread awareness about brain injury, provide education about disability, and promote diversity. We are striving to achieve a more harmonious, undivided, and understanding community.
Who We Serve
Sustaining a brain injury is a tragic event that can happen to anyone, at any stage of life. Brain injury can have devastating effects on both the individual and the family. Many will need long-term treatment and care, and no person or family can handle that alone. Services, such as the ones provided at SBI, are crucial for recovery and reintegration into the community. Our daily rehabilitation programming is offered for individuals at any level of independence, and at any post-acute stage of recovery. For many clients, services can continue all the way through vocational training, and job placement with a job coach. SBI also serves people with high-functioning autism, learning disabilities, or other cognitive disorders.  Additionally, we help people who may have mental health issues and/or drug dependency along with their brain injury or cognitive disorder. SBI proudly serves our veterans, and maintains a close relationship with the VA. SBI also provides support and counseling to families as well as community awareness programs.



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