Awards, Grants and Contracts


State of California, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

In 2018, Services For Brain Injury was presented with the 2017-2018 “Community Partner of the Year Award” by the Department of Rehabilitation. This award was given “In recognition of your dedicated service and commitment to our consumers”. During the year leading up to this recognition, Services for Brain Injury had been working with DOR to develop new programs to assist Californians with disabilities become better prepared to enter or re-enter the competitive workforce.

In 2012, Services For Brain Injury received recognition and appreciation for its partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation. SBI received a Certificate of Appreciation for its “excellent support and partnership” with DOR to “increase employment, independence and equality for all Californians with disabilities.” This is in honor of SBI’s record rate of employment placements and serving Californians with a range of disabilities.


Sovereign Order of St. John

sovereign-order-of-st-johnThe Sovereign Order of St. John has provided support to veterans, civilians and families for centuries! On the evening of October 19, Commanders Brian Rauschhuber, Kendall Price and John DuBois joined by other esteemed Members of the Commandery came to the SBI rehabilitation facility to dedicate its grant for SBI’s Client and Staff IT Systems. Along with SBI Staff and Board, the Touchstones Support group attended the ceremony and one of its attendees, Cindy provided the delicious appetizers. Cindy said a few words to acknowledge that through SBI’s support, she had been able to resume being a Caterer after her brain injury! Christine Camara, SBI’s Executive Director and Angela Lucero, SBI’s Employment Services Manager thanked the Sovereign Order for their critical donation. Angela cited how the new IT system made it much more efficient for her Team to place people back to work.

State of California, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

In 2015, DOR awarded Services For Brain Injury one of seven grants available statewide. Applicants in designated geographical regions had to be a qualified nonprofit organization providing all of the following five core services, below, as specified in Welfare and Institutions Code 4357. Supported Living, Community Reintegration Services, Vocational Supportive Services, Information and Referrals, and Public and Professional Education.

Funding for this grant award comes from the State TBI Fund, which originates from a small percentage of the California Seatbelt Penalty Fund (0.66).   The grant is for two years with the option to renew for a one-year extension.

Valle Monte League

Valle Monte League has been a steadfast and vital supporter of SBI in pursuit of its mission to “raise funds to provide and promote mental health within the community for over 60 years.” SBI is unique in providing mental health services to people with brain injuries in tandem with comprehensive rehabilitation programming. Since mental health issues often occur in conjunction with brain injury including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD psychological services are essential for enabling the maximum level of independence for our clients.

Firedoll Foundation

The Firedoll Foundation generously supports SBI’s Alameda County/Oakland office which provides vital vocational programming and employment services for our East Bay clients with brain injuries. Firedoll believes, “Traumatic brain injury is an ‘orphan’ disability in the United States. We have not come to grips with the numbers of survivors of TBI, and our knowledge of the physical, emotional, and economic impacts of this disability on individuals, their families and society is sorely deficient. The Firedoll Foundation supports community-based, post-acute services for TBI survivors, especially programs that allow survivors to participate in and contribute to society.”

San Jose Mercury News Wish Book

As part of its annual Wish Book feature from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the San Jose Mercury News publishes stories about the important work of our community’s non-profits and invites readers to donate to their favorite causes. SBI has received Wish Book grants four times which have gone directly to funding essential services for clients who otherwise would not have been able to afford rehabilitation. In addition to providing these funds, the Mercury News stories generate valuable, widespread awareness about SBI and its services.

The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

SBI received a 2016 grant from The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation to support SBI’s mission of maximum independence for people with brain injuries.   Areas provided for by this gift include supportive in-home services as well as physical therapy and neropsychological services for clients most in need.

100 Women Charitable Foundation

In 2016, SBI rFor Pat and Pilar - 2eceived a 100 Women Charitable Foundation grant. SBI was chosen as one of six grant recipients from over sixty applicants. SBI was commended for the development of services that assist persons with brain injury to reach their highest level of independence.






Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

SBI is a Medicare provider. Supplier (began 2014)

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (PAHCS)

PAHCS is contracted with SBI to provide long-term rehabilitation and vocational services for post-acute, medically-stable veterans with brain injuries with or without PTSD and/or mental illness and/or chemical dependency at SBI’s San Jose facility. Case-by-case contract (began 1990); service contract (began 2008)

U.S. Department of Veterans Administration Oakland Regional Benefit Office (RO)

SBI’s Oakland office is contracted with the VA to provide vocational services for post-acute, medically-stable veterans with brain injuries at SBI’s Oakland office. Service contract (began 2015)

State of California, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

SBI is contracted with DOR to provide vocational testing, work-readiness training, job coaching and supported-employment services to prepare and place Californian’s with brain injuries and other cognitive and physical challenges back-to-work.   Fee-for-Service provision (began 1994)

U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)

The Social Security Administration contracts with SBI through its Ticket to Work program to help enable beneficiaries to enter/re-enter employment to increase financial self-sufficiency and, whenever possible, eliminate reliance on disability benefits. Ticket To Work provider (began 2005)

San Andreas Regional Center (SARC)

SBI is contracted with SARC to provide Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Counseling Services, Community Integration Training, Work Activity Programming and Supported Employment. Vendor (began 1994)

Outreach Paratransit

For Outreach, SBI provides licensed, OT assessments through home visits of applicants denied paratransit services and issues a report to either uphold or overturn eligibility. Contract (began 2006)

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