Services and Programs



Rehabilitation Services

Individualized rehabilitation therapies for people with brain injury independent of, or in addition to, our program offerings. Customized services provided by licensed clinicians include speech, occupational, physical and psychological therapies.
The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program provides a structured, stimulating curriculum that also supports the personal and social development of people with brain injury.
Through a contract with the VA, comprehensive rehabilitation is available for veterans with brain injury with, or without, PTSD, mental health issues, or chemical dependencies. Services provided in a supportive, community-based environment.

Vocational Services

Comprehensive and cost-effective assessments are provided specifically for people with brain injuries.
People with brain injuries and cognitive disabilities have the opportunity to address identified barriers to employment through group learning and training.
Individualized services prepare and support clients in seeking and securing employment.
A job coach supports people with brain injuries at their workplace and provides guidance to their employer.


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