Volunteer Client Mentor

  • Goal:
    • In 1:1 weekly sessions, assist client set goals, review progress, and provide encouragement.
  • Requirements:
    • Good conversationalist and listener, good interpersonal skills, someone who enjoys hearing about others and can empathize/encourage
    • 1 hour per week during Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to noon (same time/day repeating referred)
  • Process:
    • At the first one or two sessions, a SBI staff member will introduce the client and volunteer mentor.
    • Afterwards the sessions are 1:1 between the client  and volunteer mentor. You will discuss progress over the prior week; plans toward meeting goals; any setbacks; and ideas around interests.  After the half-hour to 45 minute session with the client, the additional 15 minutes are used for making progress notes in the client file and/or check-in with staff, as needed.
  • Contact:

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